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Yoga Vidya Gurukul recognizes Yoga Connections of Singapore as the authorized center for running the Yoga courses & Yoga Teacher training courses.

On 12th December 2005, Yogacharya Vishwas Mandlik started the Yoga teacher training course in Singapore at Yoga Connections and granted the recognition to Yoga Connections as the official representative of Yoga Vidya Gurukul in Singapore. Yogacharya appreciates the work done by the founder of Yoga Connections, Mr.Anthony Arjun Loy in spreading True Classical Yoga in Singapore. These days due to capitalistic influence, yoga has become commercial and lost its original form. Mr. Anthony Arjun Loy tries his best to maintain the originality of this great science.

The 1st Yoga teacher training course was attended by 15 participants from Singapore. It was conducted by Yoga Connections. The course involved various lectures mainly focusing on Ashtanga Yoga (Based on Patanjali Yoga Sutras), Asanas, Pranayama & meditation. The Teaching methodology for yoga was also the part of the curriculum.

The course was a success with the cooperation of Yoga Connections and all students.




Yogacharya Vishwas Mandlik

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